Memory Lane

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Dundee City Council runs a series of historical lunchtime walks throughout the year to encourage staff to get some fresh air and renew their knowledge of the city. Further information on the history of the city is contained in this article.

Misnamed as "Juteopolis", many Dundonians do not realise that their City, popularly known for Victorian Jute, Jam and Journalism, started as one of Scotland's great medieval burghs, second only to Edinburgh until it was sacked by Cromwell's General Monk in 1651.

The photograph shows staff walking past the site of Dundee's original shipbuilding industry at the waterfront. Since then the waterfront has gone through a dramatic development and it is pleasing that these bricked-up Georgian workshops are now ready for sale as luxury dwellings in a Copenhagen-style turnaround.

Some events have become hardy annuals, such as the sponsored climb up the 223 steps of the 15thc. Steeple in aid of The Brittle Bone Society, and the recitation of The Tay Bridge Disaster by William Topaz William McGonagall 'Poet and Tragedian of Dundee', at the Esplanade each December, usually in a howling gale.


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