Walking allowed me to continue a routine during the hectic lockdown

Graeme explains how his morning walks during lockdown helped set himself up for the day ahead.


I was slightly worried when lockdown began as without routine my days are usually counterproductive. I decided to purposefully make an effort to keep my routine when the restrictions began as I knew this is what would keep me going.

So my new daily routine changed to waking up at 5.50am then out the door at 6am for my morning walk.
Getting myself out the house straight away helped me set myself up for the rest of the day as it would clear my head and get me moving first thing.

I would try out new walks and discover areas that I have not been to before which made every day different, in comparison to the same-old days of being in lockdown.

Doing this each morning gave me a massive sense of achievement and put me in a positive mindset or the rest of the day before starting work.
I also noticed a difference in my physical health going on these walks as I was taking part a daily form of exercise, and enjoying it.

Guess there’s no need for me to go back to a gym now. I walked 6-7 miles each day and since the start of lockdown I think I have completed over 500 miles of walking.

Being out in the fresh air helped me get through lockdown and come out of the other side healthier.  It would usually be very quiet and so listening to the sounds of nature while on my stroll was a relaxing process.

I found getting into the routine of waking up early and walking has kept me being productive and keeping me busy throughout the day.

The benefits of these short morning walks have been massive, and it is definitely something I will adopt into my pre-lockdown normal routine now that restrictions are easing.
Walking allowed me to continue a routine during the hectic lockdown.