Charles: Doing our little bit for future generations

Environmentally conscious Charles wants to protect Scotland’s stunning landscape for generations to come.

Charles, Humans of the Walk

Living on the Isle of Skye, Charles feels a strong connection with the natural beauty of Scotland and uses it to look after his mental health when out walking.

The outdoors acts as a free therapist for me. Walking helps me clear my head, forget about other things going on and really puts me at ease.

We’re very fortunate in The Highlands to benefits from such a beautiful landscape and an abundance of walks.

Having previously spent the equivalent of two years mountaineering and exploring the highlands and islands, I've now lived here six and a half years permanently and I’m still finding new routes to explore on my own and with my walking group.

The outdoors is an integral part of my life and I feel myself spiritually connecting with the environment whilst out experiencing new path routes.

Over the years I’ve become more environmentally conscious as we can become too used to ignoring the concerns - when we actually need to relate to it and take notice.

Walking daily isn’t just good for your health and wellbeing it actually has a huge impact on the environment around you.

Transport and use of cars in a remote rural area is a complicated issue as bus services and public transport are limited however, we need to always be aware of the environmental impact our actions have and strive to create a balance in relation to what is available.

We should all try to do a little bit for the outdoor environment that we all love so much and for the enjoyment and life of future generations.

Whatever we can do now, will benefit the next generation and beyond.

Charles leads a Health Walk in the local area called Step it Up, part of Skye U3A and supported by Health Walks Highland 3rd Sector Alliance, Paths for All and the NHS, it is designed to bring individuals together to walk, socialise and explore.

Charles' story is part of our Humans of the Walk campaign during COP26. Check out the full campaign gallery here.