Pedometer pack is keeping Ron's fitness on track

Forfar’s Ron Kerr admits that after a career dealing with paperwork and bureaucracy, he enjoys filling out forms and keeping things in order.

Ron Kerr is now a keen walker

So when he joined a physical activity programme designed to help those affected by cancer, he was happy to use its free monitoring tools to keep his fitness on track.

During the summer of 2014, Ron became involved with his local Move More project, a partnership between Paths for All and Macmillan Cancer Support which offers walking groups, circuits, gardening and gentle movement classes to people affected by cancer across Scotland.

As part of the walking groups, which are supported by Paths for All, participants have access to a pedometer and also a platform where they can log their steps.
Ron has now been logging his steps on the platform for over two years, saying that the record of his daily walking and physical activity keeps him motivated.

He said:

My pedometer is higher tech than the other one and is much more accurate. Having my results on the platform is great because it motivates me to do more. I can also see how one week compares to another week, or the differences in my activity over a few months. The platform shows me when I am having a bad week and maybe not completed so many steps, so that makes me get out for a walk after dinner.

“It keeps me disciplined and I’m able to evaluate how I’m doing. I’m also leaving the car at home to walk to the shops more than I used to.
“I feel better on the days I walk. Everything just seems to work better.”

Ron was diagnosed with bowel cancer on Christmas Eve, 2013.
He was referred to Move More Dundee after being discharged from Ninewells Hospital following his treatment. Having moved on from the initial Move More programme, Ron now walks several times a week including a Macmillan supported walk in Dundee on a Monday.

Ron said: “I really enjoy the Monday group, it’s great company.
“It’s also quite a long walk every week which I like; I can usually do 10,000 steps on it.
“It’s great because I do try to do 10,000 most days.
Macmillan walks can be from 10minutes up to an hour long and participants are supported by a Macmillan trained volunteer to walk at a pace and distance that is appropriate to them.
“I would definitely recommend taking part in these walks; you get that mutual support from people who know what it’s like.
“I don’t care what anyone says, you do worry about things. If you’ve got a scan coming up, you do worry. With this group everyone knows how you feel and they always ask how you got on afterwards.
“I’ve changed a lot about my lifestyle. I’ve radically changed my diet too so that along with the walking has made me healthier and I feel better.”

For further information about Move More and / or Cancer Friendly walks, click here.