Walking group is helping Mike's cancer recovery

According to Mike Rose, attending a Cancer Friendly walking group is "a very enjoyable way of helping your recovery".

Mike Rose

The retired air traffic control engineer attends the weekly CLAN walking group, part of the Macmillan Move More Aberdeenshire programme, supported by us.

Following his treatment, Mike became involved with his local Move More project, a partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support and Live Life Aberdeenshire which offers walking groups, circuits, gardening and gentle movement classes to people affected by cancer.

Mike developed pancreatic cancer in 2017. After his operation at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, he decided to take part in the Move More walking group, after it was recommended by the medical team as being beneficial in recovery from the surgery and chemotherapy.

Mike said

After this illness I suffered considerable muscle loss, and the walking group has aided my recovery and fitness in a pleasant and interesting way. Also, it opens up new friendships with fellow recoverees. It helps improve one's physical fitness and also your mental wellbeing.

Macmillan Move More walking groups are set up specifically to bring together groups of people affected by cancer to become more physically active by walking. This includes people living with cancer, their friends, family and carers.

Mike said: “If at all possible do it, as it is a very enjoyable way of helping your recovery.”

For further information about Move More and Cancer Friendly walking, click here.