Sheena is this year's Step Count Champion

Sheena McLellan was named Step Count Champion 2022 for her efforts and encouragement in supporting the health and wellbeing of her colleagues at NHS Inverness Social Work Teams.

The 63-year-old teamed up with four workmates to complete the Step Count Challenge as part of an initiative to encourage movement within the workplace.

The team's name was Burning Rubber and Sheena played an instrumental role in keeping all members motivated.
Sheena clocked up 533,045 steps throughout the challenge.
As a permanent wheelchair user, Sheena used use a MOTOmed Therapy bike to complete the equivalent of steps through pedalling with her arms. A smart watch cleverly determines the step count. 

Sheena said:

I use my MOTOmed everyday as when you’re in a wheelchair it’s important to stay active, when my colleague asked me to join the group challenge, I thought why not?
The beauty of the national Step Count Challenge is you can record steps no matter what activity you do whether that is walking, cycling, swimming or running so everyone can take part.

I was flabbergasted and shocked to be nominated for such an award but it’s lovely to be recognised. The challenge encourages people to be active which helps give a boost to one’s health and wellbeing.

The Step Count Challenge is a fantastic initiative and is a way to keep active whilst having fun; it’s been so enjoyable to be a part of the team and I’m proud of NHS Inverness Social Work achievements overall during the challenge.

Kevin Lafferty, our Chief Officer said: “Sheena’s invaluable contribution in the challenge is directly showing how frequent activity – even in small instalments – can improve physical, mental and social health and we’re delighted to hear how the challenge has had such a positive impact.”

The autumn Step Count Challenge starts on October 31.
To sign up your team of five for this fun workplace challenge, visit