Mairi speaks of the true benefits of Buggy Walks

Meet Mairi McCallum, a 36-year-old mum of two who took part in Buggy Walks with the Bonny Strollers in Bonnybridge.

Mairi McCallum

A keen walker before becoming pregnant, Mairi wanted to continue being active after giving birth and found it too much hassle to go to the gym.

Buggy Walks were the perfect exercise for her, and she continues to recommend the scheme to her friends and family.

Aside from the physical health benefits of walking, Mairi recognised the impact Buggy Walks had on her mental wellbeing.

After suffering with mild postnatal depression, Mairi described Buggy Walks as “the highlight of my week which I looked forward to immensely”.

She also confided the struggles she faced as a new mum. 

She said:

The early days of motherhood can be lonely and isolating, particularly if the rest of your social group has yet to have children of their own. Being part of a Buggy Walk helps to reduce that isolation.

Signposted by her health visitor, Buggy Walks also opened Mairi up socially to a network of mums who have had similar experiences, giving her a safe environment to get advice on problems she faced. These friendships have stayed with her as her children have got older, and they all enjoyed a met up for a 10-year reunion party.