Emily and Michael: Find new friends and your way around

As newcomers to Killin, two young people knew where to go to meet new people and learn about their new home town.

Emily Borgeaud (33) and Michael Gardiner (24) have known each other for six months and are now friends having met through their local walking group in Killin.

Emily, who has been with the weekly walking group for 18 months, said: “It was interesting walking and learning more about my area, and meet more people as well.

“I love it. It’s healthy, gets you out and about, the walks are different, and you can socialise as well.”

Michael, who has walked with the group for over a year, said: “I originally joined because I was new to the Killin area having moved there from Edinburgh. I didn’t know anybody in Killin and this was one of the first groups I joined.

“I wanted to meet local people and find out more about local routes. I enjoy it a lot.

“Originally I went to the group just to walk but now I go for the folks too.”

Having both walked with the group for over a year, this young duo have walked through all the different seasons.

Michael said: “I find I want to walk more so in winter.”

Emily said: “It’s spectacular in the snow. But we walk rain or shine.”

Michael added: “I’m one of the youngest in the group but that doesn’t bother me at all. I like talking to all age groups.

Emily said: “Age doesn’t really matter at all.”