Theresa has made life-long friends with Buggy Walks

Theresa took part in her first Buggy Walk in 2011 after a recommendation from her antenatal class.

Theresa Halkett has made life-long friends with Buggy Walks

The mum-of-two from Denny, Falkirk, found Buggy Walks to be the ideal exercise for her and her baby.

Theresa (38) has always loved walking and, as a new mum, didn’t have time to join the gym, so always looked forward to the weekly Buggy Walks.

Theresa described Buggy Walks as “a form of exercise to suit anyone".

She said:

Even on the most tired of days when perhaps your child has kept you awake, the fresh air does wonders and really does make you feel 100 times better.

Theresa further highlighted the benefits that taking part in Buggy Walks had on her wellbeing. As well as getting her physically active, she was offered support by the walk’s health visitor in a relaxed and informal environment. Theresa was also able to socialise with other mums and share advice and experiences.

Nine years on, Theresa has gained life-long friends who she can always rely on.
She said: “The girls offer me reassurance during difficult times in parenting, and now that our children are also friends, we carry on the tradition of walks or outdoor play with them.”

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