Just moved house? Learn how walking group helped Barbara and Tricia

When you move to an new area, there's lots of new places to explore and lots of new people to get to know

Tricia Seabrook and Barbara Ager from Callandar are pround member of the local walking group.

Both women were new to the area and saw the walking group as a great opportunity to explore their new home towns and meet new people.

Barbara said: “I had been to the health centre picking up a prescription and the practice nurse was chatting to me about different groups because I had just moved to the area.

“Walk in the Park was one of them.

“I was getting to know people, it was sociable, and I like walking. People within the walking group also introduced me to other people.

“I try to go every week and I enjoy it.”

Tricia said: “It was sociable, it was a way of getting to know people.

“I saw a walking group as being fun and organised, so Walk in the Park was for me.

“I have always been a walker, even since I was a child. I hated sitting in the house too long, we would just take ourselves off for a walk.

“We don’t go far or that fast, but it’s great to keep walking.”

Barbara said: “It gets you out of the house, you meet people, and hopefully you’re doing your health some good too.”

Tricia added: “We also go for tea and scones afterwards. When you’re walking along you can’t talking to everyone but when you get to the table you can.

“When you’re walking, it’s so different from just being in the car. When you’re walking you smell things, you hear things, and you can see the changed in the seasons. It’s lovely.”