Fiona: Feeling better from the first footstep

Rural living has posed Fiona from the Isle of Lewis with environmental challenges, but wind and rain have only made the wild island walks more of an adventure.

Fiona, Humans of the Walk

Walking in the island’s wild natural environment has helped bring climate issues to the forefront of Fiona’s mind and the idea that global warming could make the Hebridean weather even more extreme is harrowing.

Walking is so simple; you don’t need any special equipment or masses of motivation to kickstart your journey.

As soon as I’m out the door there is an immediate change in my mood. You can go as fast or as slow as you want, but it’s a guarantee that you will feel better from the moment you start and healthier for having done it.

In a small community like ours there wasn’t much opportunity for social interaction during Covid but walks outside have made it feasible. The guidance we received from Paths for All has made it possible to stay safe on walks whilst adding a social element to lockdown on an Isle.

I have started to become a bit more environmentally cautious as a result of walking around the area, the thought of rising sea levels and extreme weather impacting the island is worrying.

Fiona co-runs a walking group around the island, inspiring others to reap the rewards of having a more active lifestyle. The walks are relaxed and available to everyone and have highlighted to the island community just how easy it is incorporate walking in their daily regime to better themselves and the wider environment.

Fiona's story is part of our Humans of the Walk campaign during COP26. Check out the full campaign gallery here.