Walking prevented me from going stir crazy

Lana found walking gave her space to breathe away from her home.


It was hard to juggle both working from home and looking after my toddler over lockdown.

My husband and I were still working, but instead of the spacious offices we had got so use to, we were now working side by side in our family home.

It was very full on as my days would consist of me trying to do work but spending most of the day looking after our toddler. Being in the same house 24/7 with all of this going on was a stressful environment. With the large workload and the often crying little one, I began feeling claustrophobic and needed to get out of our house for a breather.

I would step outside and take a big breath of fresh air and go on my daily walk near where we live. Being outside gave me a chance to zone out for the pressures of work and have time to myself.

My walks would clear my head and give me a chance to get out the house. I would go out on four-mile walks at a time and listen to a podcast.

It was also great going on walks with my family and enjoying the outdoors together; we have explored places near our home which we wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for lockdown.

Walking prevented me from going stir crazy in lockdown and gave me a new found appreciation of the outdoors.