Juliet: Walking in nature to contemplate our impact

Juliet chooses to walk for short journeys and leave the car as a way to protect the beautiful and historic natural environment she lives in.

Juliet, Humans of the Walk

Living between beauty spots Roslin Glen and the Pentlands, Juliet walks every day to look after her health and wellbeing, and the environment too.

Walking is not only good for its health benefits but it’s made me appreciate where I live and the abundance of history in my local area.

Spending time outdoors can give you a great amount of reflective space as well as time to chat through issues and have important discussions with friends.

I quite enjoy a rugged, untamed landscape as it gives me space to contemplate the environment and how I can make a positive impact.

More often I’m inclined to walk rather than take the car to make sure I’m doing my bit to keep the beautiful landscape in the same condition. It also allows you to see the beauty in things you never noticed before.

There is nothing like being outdoors and experiencing nature. Walking is free, you just need a pair of trainers and you can go!

Juliet is a Volunteer Health Walk Leader and has been interested in active travel and exploring by foot from a young age. Now, Juliet gets to share that passion and stories with likeminded individuals in the walking groups.

Juliet's story is part of our Humans of the Walk campaign during COP26. Check out the full campaign gallery here.