Bill walks over 40 miles a week thanks to Move More

Bill was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2018.

Bill Colligan

The 79-year-old now walks 40 miles on average every week, describing it as a “tremendous feeling” to walk and meet new people.

The Move More programme helps people to get physically active before, during and after their cancer treatment. Managed by Macmillan Cancer Support and local Move More projects across the country, the programme offers gentle movement classes, circuit-based activities, gardening and Health Walks supported by Paths for All.

Bill got in touch with his local Move More Development Officer and decided to go along to a walking group in Dundee. He said

When I take chemotherapy tablets, I have to rest for two days, so come the third day I’m just about climbing the walls. I’ve just got to get out.
The Move More group do nice walks and I just love getting out. I don’t have anybody at home apart from my son and just getting out and walking with different groups, meeting different people is a tremendous feeling.

Bill walks all around Dundee and attends several Health Walks across the city.

He added: “It makes me feel really good within myself; it makes me feel healthy.
“I have met people I used to know years ago, and I have met them again on some of the walks and it was really good to see them.

“I guess I thoroughly enjoy the walking, I recommend getting out walking to anyone. You walk at your own pace, you don’t go hell for leather you just take it nice and easy.

“Also, when you come along on the walks you get a cup of coffee and a biscuit at the end of it which is really good.

“I have never let being diagnosed with cancer get me down. I have been positive in everything that I have done. If you could get out, I think you would really enjoy it.”

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