Conquering the world with a Step Count Challenge

Workmates from Perth and Kinross have covered the equivalent of walking around the world and a bit more in just five weeks with the help of one of our bespoke workplace challenges.

Over 200 Perth and Kinross Council employees collectively walked over 41,356 miles in their own time as part of a bespoke Step Count Challenge which saw 48 teams achieve a collective 92,431,446 steps.

Mhari Watson, Organisational Development Coordinator at the local authority, said:

For us, it was more than just a way of encouraging physical activity, people began connecting in a virtual environment. 
The Step Count Challenge engaged a wide variety of people in the organisation and provided a positive distraction from the current environment we’re all working and living in.
Feedback has shown that the challenge has boosted connectivity in teams, enhanced morale and increased the wellbeing of colleagues who now feel healthier and fitter.

Another employee praised the Step Count Challenge adding: “Being part of a team made me determined to try my best and not to let the side down - I used every opportunity to get my steps up. 

“I found that I could do 300 - 500 around the house and garden in the morning, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my colleagues on our lunch time and evening virtual walks.

“I couldn’t have done it without the team and the constant encouragement from family and friends asking ‘How many steps today?’.

“Working from home has certainly brought its challenges, feeling isolated from my work colleagues has been difficult as I’m sure it has been for everyone. When the invitation came to join the Step Count Challenge I jumped at the chance, the first week I thought my steps were pretty good and our wee team was doing well, week two came and we found ourselves slipping down the table, it was then that our team really ‘stepped’ into action!

“The challenge gave me the opportunity to motivate myself and feel part of a team again albeit virtually.”

Our tailor-made Step Count Challenges allow organisations of all sizes to set-up their own walking challenge to keep their workforce active and connected.

Businesses can customise their own challenges with tailored branding and personalised messaging. 

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A nationwide Step Count Challenge, which is open to all workplaces, starts on Monday, 3 May and will run for eight weeks.