Kelly had an amazing experience with Buggy Walks

Kelly heard about Buggy Walks from her health visitor and was able to find out more on Facebook.

Kelly Cameron with her son

Kelly Cameron (33) from Bonnybridge started taking part in her local Buggy Walk when her son was just two months old. She describes her time with Buggy Walks as “an amazing experience” which she “can’t thank the team enough for”.

Like many new mums, Kelly found the early stages of motherhood to be quite isolating. She felt lonely at the gym and struggled being away from her son. Buggy Walks were an easy to access way for her to keep her fitness up, and she said made her feel like she had achieved something.

She continued that “other classes I attended didn’t give the opportunity to talk to other mums like Buggy Walks”.

The group “played a vital role in my mental as well as physical health, by allowing me a place which I felt safe to make friends and be myself”.

The friendships Kelly made at Buggy Walks are so important to her because she is still able to discuss any worries she has as her child gets older.

As well as benefitting her, Kelly emphasises the impact Buggy Walks had on her son as he has “grown up with an active mum, leading him to be really active”. The walks also positively affected him socially as there are no other children within Kelly’s family/ friends, so her son was able to meet other children the same age and grow up with them.

Kelly went on to become a Walk Leader and started a new Buggy Walk group.