It felt like we got to know our kids all over again

Neal’s daily walks became important to him and his family as they were a way to reconnect with one another, away from their usually busy lifestyles.


Initially I found lockdown a challenge. I was so used to being busy on a regular basis between family, work, volunteering, keeping fit and active. I really enjoy being able to be active in a range of activities from cycling, swimming, running, hiking, surfing. So, when lockdown hit it was a big shock to the system because my options to keep active became limited.

It was difficult being confined to our house especially as we live in such a stunning remote area, so you could imagine how important daily exercise was for us.

Our daily walks were the key to getting through lockdown, it almost gave us a sense of normality and was great to be back in the outdoors, even if it was only for a short period of time a day. The Western Isles is what you make of it, there is an abundance of wildlife to enjoy making walks extremely interesting and you can just feel your stresses disappear when you set off on a walk.

The walks soon became very important to our family as we would all have a laugh spending time together, which can normally be difficult when we are all so busy with work, school and other commitments. Chatting and joking around when out on our walks felt like we got to know our kids all over again, which was really special.

When I think of lockdown, as much as it was difficult, our walks helped connect each of us together and a lot of enjoyment came out of them.

Spending proper family time together was priceless.