If it's not far, leave the car


Even though Kirsty’s job keeps her on her feet and moving for a large part of the day, she knew that during weekends and evenings she was sitting too much.

Increasing evidence shows that extended periods of sitting are harmful to your health. Our Step Count Challenge helped Kirsty to ditch the car and get walking more again.

“My main thing was I walked to Tesco every time I had to go. I live probably a mile from Tesco and I used to always drive there.

“So rather than driving and doing one big shop, I would go there every single day, and as the weeks went on I would walk there via a longer route, and then a longer route! I would walk to pick up my daughter from dance lessons, and walk everywhere locally that I could, rather than taking the car.

“I get plenty of steps at work, I’m always on my feet, but it’s the weekends or evenings when I’m sitting a lot when I needed those changes.

“My top tip to walk more would be if you can walk there in less than 20 minutes just do it! Leave your car.”

Kirsty works as a Physiotherapist in Cardiac Rehabilitation with NHS Ayrshire & Arran, and was a member of ‘Rehab Rebels’, our 2016 Autumn Step Count Challenge winning team.