Walking with Nature: Spend time watching birds

Spending some time watching birds on your walks is a great way to take your mind away from your worries and become more present in the moment.

Blue Tit

As part of our Walking with Nature campaign, we hope to make more people aware of the 5 pathways to nature connectedness, and watching birds is an easy way to get started:

Here are some examples you can try when you are out walking.

Take a moment to engage with nature using your senses, listen to birdsong and notice how it makes you feel.

Pause and notice the beauty in nature, notice the patterns and colours on the feathers of birds.

Find joy and happiness in nature by watching birds feeding and interacting with each other

Discover what nature means to you. What is your favourite bird and why? Why do we see robins on Christmas cards? What birds symbolise winter in the UK and why?

Have compassion for birds and do something to help them. You could try feeding the birds in your garden to help them during winter. You can use a window feeder if you have no garden.

People with higher levels of nature connectedness are happier, care more about nature and live in an environmentally friendly way. Watch the video below to find out more.

Read more on how to apply the 5 pathways to nature connectedness in your life here.

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Our #WalkingwithNature campaign was Highly Commended in the Nature of Scotland 2021 Awards Health and Wellbeing category.  

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