Walking with Nature: Woodlands

Spending time in your local woods whether they a large or small is a great way to slow down and connect with nature.

Hazel tree catkins

Trees help us to relax and settle into a rhythm with nature. Try these activities on your next woodland walk and see how they make you feel. 

Woodlands offer a range of sensory enjoyment; take time to touch bark, smell the pine needles and listen to the wind moving through leaves. You could even climb a tree!

Ponder on how you feel when meandering in the woodlands – perhaps you feel a sense of calm in this natural environment? Do you feel awe at the wonders around you? Does the great strength of the trees make you feel a sense of peace, or perhaps grounded? 

Notice how different trees are. See the patterns in the bark. Pay attention to the different leaves; colours, patterns, shapes, sizes. Look up at the beautiful canopy over your head.

Nature inspires the greatest poetry and art. What is your favourite local tree, and why? Think about the woodland in its wintery state, what does this season mean for you?

Feel care towards the woodland around you. From a small but significant act like picking up little bits of litter to take home or put in a bin; to finding out more about and supporting conservation charities.

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