5 fun ways families can tackle climate change together

There are lots of easy things families can do together to help address the climate emergency and Scotland’s journey to Net Zero by 2045.

Autumn Path Days

Collectively, these small changes can make a big difference to your local environment. Plus, they’ll make you feel good too.

1. Walk to School. It’s easy as a.b.c...

One of the easiest activities your family can do to reduce your carbon footprint is to walk to school.  It’s a great way to get a little bit of exercise into your day and to get those brains ready for learning. Find out more.

2. Get to know your 20-minute neighbourhood

It’s not just about getting to school though – you could think about leaving the car at home for other short journeys.  

People who plan towns and cities are already thinking about how they can make it easier for everyone to do this – they call it a 20-minute neighbourhood.  

Is there anywhere else you go to that is a 20-minute walk from where you live (10 minutes there and 10 minutes back)?  It might be the shops, the park, or friend’s houses.  See if you can walk, cycle or scoot instead. 

3. Love your local paths 

Climate change is having a very real impact on the world around us.  You may have noticed that extreme weather is becoming more common.  Heavy rain can cause path surfaces to be washed away and flooding can cause big puddles that make paths too muddy to use. 

If there are problems on the paths in your area report them to your Local Authority’s helpline, contact centre or Access Officer. They may not be able to do anything immediately, but it will let them know what and where the issues are.

4. Keep your paths in tip-top condition 

If your paths are getting very wet and boggy wear your wellies to walk through small puddles rather than around them.  Walking around puddles can cause muddy areas to get bigger. 

You could play in the mud and drain the puddle - if there is an obvious place for the water to run away to for example a drain, or a pond or stream. Find a stick and dig a short channel to help the water drain away from the path. 

Check out more easy path care tasks here

5. Spread the word 

Tell your friends how easy it is to care for the planet and what you are doing to help. 

NatureScot has information on other things you can do to make small changes in your home, garden and lifestyle to tackle climate change. They also have lots of ideas for you to #MakeSpaceForNature in your life.

Parent Club has information on talking to your child about climate change.