Walk with our mindfulness podcast narrated by Edith Bowman

A short walking meditation to plug in and tune out on your next walk

Mind to Walk podcast
Edith Bowman

Narrated by radio DJ and TV presenter Edith Bowman, our ‘Mind to Walk’ audio talks you through a walk that will relax your mind as you move your feet.

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Where is your mind at?

The power of a short daily walk is more important than ever.

During periods of social distancing, isolation, and uncertainty, many of us have increased feelings of anxiety, stress or worry. Outdoor exercise has become an important way for us to look after our physical and mental wellbeing.

 We created this walking meditation audio as a way to help you leave our worries at the door and wander into the open fresh air.

‘Mind to Walk’ is designed to give you the greatest benefit from a short walk, allowing you to calm the swirling thoughts in your head by connecting to yourself and your surroundings.

Take a breather from your desk

Whether you're working from home, currently furloughed, or looking for a break from school or university, allow yourself 30 minutes of self-care as she guides you to bring your mind and body together.

The podcast can be used in any type of walking environment – whatever you find from your front door. So, whether your daily walk takes you round your local housing estate, or in a nearby woodland, you’ll finish feeling calmer and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.

Daily exercise for the body and mind

Try this on your daily walk again and again; evidence shows that the effects of mindfulness are greater the more you practise. It might feel a little awkward to start with, but the script is designed to be listened and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of experience in being mindful.

Expertly written by Dassini Cadwallender, a Glasgow-based writer and meditation teacher, the words read by Edith use mindfulness techniques to remind us to be in the present moment. Sitting quietly with your eyes closed in traditional meditation or mindfulness techniques might not be for you, but walking meditation allows you to tap into the same benefits with your eyes wide open and moving at a pace that suits you.

Many of us already enjoy the simple pleasure of walking, but by being the moment and connecting to your natural surroundings, you can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

Give it a go on your next walk and notice how different you feel from taking some time to let your mind to walk with you.