Strength and Balance in health and care settings

We help staff promote strength and balance exercises and short walks in health and care settings

Older adults taking part in Strength and Balance exercises

Our Strength and Balance training and resources help staff to support patients to maintain or build their muscle strength, improve balance and reduce falls

Bed rest in hospital, or prolonged sitting in a care home, can have a significant detrimental effect on a person’s muscles. Some studies report a 3% loss of muscle mass per day and 3 weeks of bed rest can result in reduced strength which is equivalent to 30 years of ageing.

We want to support health and care staff to encourage mobility and activity with patients and build strength and balance and short walks into daily practice and care. It can lead to better health and wellbeing outcomes for people and improve the financial sustainability of the health and social care system.

Our Chief Medical Officers recently published new guidelines which put strength and balance at the heart of their message on physical activity for good health.

UK Physical Activity Guidelines

Read about how our new strength and balance signage has helped staff on Ward 24 at Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Read about how our award-winning Care About Walking resource and strength and balance signs have helped care staff to support care home residents in Perth and Kinross.

We have also produced a 10-minute animation which walks you through how to perform eight simple strength and balance exercises.

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