The Benefits of Workplace Walking

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Given the amount of time people spend at work it makes sense to think about the opportunities for increasing physical activity in and around the workplace. A more active workforce brings lots of benefits to both staff and your business. 

Benefits for employeesColleagues enjoying a lunchtime walk 

Walking is a cheap and effective way to promote better health and wellbeing to your workforce. A short lunchtime walk is the ideal ‘stressbusting’ activity and has many benefits for employees:
  • A lunchtime walk helps people to return to work feeling refreshed and energised
  • Walking can be included as part of the journey to and from work and is easy to fit into lunch breaks. As it is a gentle activity there is no need to get changed or shower!
  • Workplace walking can be a sociable activity and has the added value of providing an opportunity to network

Benefits for employers  

There are also advantages for employers who encourage physical activity within the workplace:
  • Increases employee commitment to work, staff performance and productivity
  • Reduces staff turnover or intention to leave
  • Reduces sickness costs and absence

Workplace walking can also contribute to your organisation’s participation in the Healthy Working Lives Award scheme. For more information please visit The Centre for Healthy Working Lives.

Facts and figures

  • Physically active employees take 27% less sick days than non-active employees
  • Studies have shown that individual work performance can be improved by between 4% and 15% when people engage in regular physical activity
  • An on-site fitness programme can reduce staff turnover by between 8% and 13%

 (Statistics taken from British Heart Foundation)

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