Workplace Walking Course

This course will provide you with ideas, knowledge and skills to get your workplace walking and feeling the benefits.

Our interactive online course will help you get colleagues walking more in and around the working day.

The benefits of walking more at work are huge. Happier, healthier staff, fewer sick days, and reduced carbon footprint for organisations.

Our online course is packed full of practical ideas, resources and tips to ultimately help workplaces develop and deliver a successful workplace walking initiative.

We wanted to offer flexibility to organisations, so our course is split into four modules and each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It doesn’t have to be completed in one go and it can be accessed via desktop and mobile.

It's aimed at any staff member that wants to take an active role in improving health, wellbeing or environmental outcomes in the workplace, and once complete participants will:

  • Understand the benefits of an active workplace for employers and employees.
  • Understand the main benefits to be gained from walking and becoming more active.
  • Have identified activities to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase physical activity in your workplace.

Learn from the experts

Learners will hear from a variety of experts; Gemma Ryde from the University of Stirling discusses why it’s important to reduce our sedentary behaviour, Mary Allison from the University of Edinburgh discusses the benefits of delivering a Step Count Challenge and Kevin Lafferty and Stuart Brown discuss the importance of an active workforce from an employer and employee perspective.

At the end of the course students will have identified activities to increase walking in their workplace. You'll design your own Action Plan and the Paths for All Workplace Team offer 1:1 feedback and support to help bring your ideas to reality.

The course is free. You can sign up here, or if you'd like more information get in touch at

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Here's what some of our previous course participants had to say:

"I think the content is very impressive. There is a huge amount of information included, and lots of signposting to trusted and valuable resources. The videos were high quality, and the course designed well to encourage active learning. Great to 'practice what preach' by embedding activity breaks."

“The part focusing on the employee / employers perspectives was particularly interesting for me. It clearly shows how encouraging the workforce to be more active will be a win/win situation for both employees and employers. There were many resources available throughout the course, which I'm sure will be useful for me to develop new actions to promote walking.”