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Written by Carl

There are loads of creative and ambitious challenges going on this year. Here's just a flavour...

Kevin Geddes and staff from the Long Term Conditions Alliance (LTCAS) have been inspired by the fantastic achievement of Dr Andrew Murray who recently ran 2659 miles from John O'Groats to the Sahara Desert, raising a huge amount of money for charity.

"LTCAS aim to replicate his achievement as a team over the course of the Step Count Challenge – so over the next 8 weeks our team of 10 will walk virtually to the Sahara desert... We may even be able to walk back depending how well we do! Each week we will calculate our virtual distance and as a reward will celebrate by baking and sharing with our LTCAS colleagues a 'local' delicacy from our destination. You can read about Dr Andrew Murray's achievement and see the route he took here."

Doris from a housing association in Edinburgh contacted us about her workplace's challenge:

"We work for a Housing Association with over 190 housing developments all over Scotland. The Walkie Talkies are planning to visit each development, going by local authority area. We'll start at the City of Edinburgh where we have 12 developments, moving down to East Lothian and then across to Fife.  I've not planned the route past that yet but that should notch up over 230 miles.

Personally, I've been going out a walk some lunchtimes and also doing a walk on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings. Yesterday morning I had to put my car in the garage for its MOT and I walked from the garage to work (almost 2 miles) which is something I have never done in the past, so wearing the pedometer has definitely encouraged me to do more."

Liz from the Scottish Government Rural Payments Division is planning a virtual walk across Europe...

"We are a team from Scottish Government (SGRPID) called Small Steps. We took this name from the saying – "All Great Journeys Begin with Small Steps". Our virtual journey was inspired by the recent eruption of Mt Etna in Sicily and we are attempting to walk there!! The distance is 2182 miles, or 4,364,000 steps. We have worked out that we need to walk 15,000 steps each per day, a tall order but we are going to give it a go and see how far we get."

Castlehill Housing Association plan to walk all the way to South Africa:

"This year we've decided to 'virtually' walk from Aberdeen, Scotland to Aberdeen, South Africa - according to Google this is 10,867 miles. Here's our Google route map! We're all set now & keen to get going .... South Africa here we come!"

castlehill housing association route map

Liz and her team from Glasgow City Council Social Work will be following in many famous footsteps:

"We currently work on shifts, so it can be very hard for us all to be working at the same time. As Team Leader I set a challenge from John O'Groats to Lands End – we have called ourselves the Ingy Jingy Girls (our workplace is Inglefield Street Hostel and has had this nickname for years). All my team are up for this challenge.  It is approximately 874 miles, which is about 22 miles per week or 3 miles plus a wee bit more per day (6000+ steps)."

Whilst Carol and her team at Renfrewshire Council are going East...

"Our team has decided our virtual walk will take us to Volgograd in Russia. I believe this is so we can enjoy the cheap vodka at the end of our 8 week trek.

On an average, to achieve the 2074 mile journey, we will need to walk around 15,000 steps each per day. Quite a challenge, so by the end of it we should all be super fit and super slim :))"

Stephen at the Department for Work and Pensions in Glasgow has taken his role as Team Captain very seriously:

"Thanks for the participant pack. I have a team which consist of people are self confessed as taking the car everywhere. I have been able to convince them as preparation for the next 8 weeks to join me on a short walk at Loch Lomond. Hopefully this will get us off to a good start even though this takes place on Sunday 4th March and can not be counted."

And last but not least, the Paths for All challenge (like many of you) is to follow the route of the Olympic Torch as it makes its way round Scotland. We'll start at Stranraer and head north to Orkney and Shetland before making our way down the east coast and over to Gretna. A total distance of around 1000 miles. If it's anything like last year, there's going to be some stiff competition between our 4 teams.

No doubt we'll hear more about how these teams get on over the next 8 weeks. We'll also share more of your challenges through the blog, so keep your stories coming in!

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