O Canada!

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Written by Carl

Sheila at the LifeSkills Centre who posted details of their challenge to walk from Perth in Tayside to Perth in Ottawa, Canada has sent an update on their progress. Sheila was hoping to get an article in the Ottawa press and true to her word has done just that. You can read the article by clicking on the following link. Here's Sheila's update:

"We have gone 466 miles in 2 weeks. In week 3 we need to walk 534 miles, 68 more miles than week 2, to achieve our first team goal of a third of the distance to Perth Ottawa. That's 1,000 miles (full distance is 3,000 approx as the crow flies). Canadian Flag

We should achieve this and more as two of the team trainers are involved in two charity walks with young trainees from our 'Get Ready for Work' programme. One is this Monday and is a 10 mile walk along the River Tay out to Almondbank, Perth. They're raising money with various events including the walks for our local charity CHAS (Childrens Hospice Associations) based at Rachel's House, Kinross."

Anyone else walking for charity? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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