More Team Challenges...

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Written by Frances Bain

Here are some more imaginative team challenges that have been sent in this week. Remember to send yours in for a chance to win in the prize draw.

Darren Smith, Aberdeen College, describes what they're doing to keep motivated.

'Aberdeen College were inspired by the recent London Marathon & challenged their Walk at Work teamaberdeen college members to walk a marathon in 3 weeks! Team members were encouraged to increase their usual daily step count by 2,000 steps per day. If 2,000 steps were approx = 1 mile , then over the 3 weeks challengers would have walked at least 21 miles - a wee bit short of the 26.2 miles - but were weren't going to be too picky!'

 And here Kevin Geddes, Long Terms Conditions Alliance, shares their shortcake to success!

'The Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland team generally walk a great deal – but we also tend to eat a great deal of cake in the office... So when we heard about the Walk at Work Challenge we set ourselves the goal of increasing the amount we walk, so that we could maintain the amount of cake we eat and still remain healthy and (relatively) slim. So, each week as well as tallying our steps, and calculating how many cakemiles we have walked, we also work out how many calories we have burned. Over the course of the Challenge we have improved our steps by just under 20%, and we have so far burned off 205677 calories – that is around 34280 each, and around 3116 each week... That's a lot of cake – at least a slice a day, guilt free!! One week of the challenge to go – guess how we will be celebrating? Yep, a team cake!'

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