West Co-ordinator’s Day Glasgow 28 January 2015

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West Co-ordinator’s Day Glasgow 28 January 2015

Thanks to those who attended the networking day at St. Mungo’s Museum, Glasgow.  There was great networking and discussions taking place throughout the day.  We’d like to give special thanks to our external speakers.  Clare Symonds from Pilton Community Health Project, Alan Melrose of Cairngorms Walking to Health Project,  Rebecca Dickson from Age Scotland (Silver Line) and Nicky Laing PhD student University of Edinburgh.

Credit to Daren Borzynski for imageLinks to presentations:

icon National Walking Strategy (1.58 MB)

icon PCHP Moving Forward (1.27 MB)

icon Update from Paths For All (4.7 MB)

icon Paths for All - recruitment pitch for help - presentation (203.87 kB)

icon Cairngorms Walking to Health Project presentation - Alan Melrose (4.31 MB)

In his presentation, Alan Melrose mentioned a press release he had written for a local paper to promote a new men’s walking group, which had received a good response.  The group does longer walks rather than health walks, but the messages are relevant to all groups. He also talked about the research he uses to plan recruitment: icon 'I got into the Habit' Why Older Adults Start Walking take home messages (2012) (109.04 kB)


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