Get walking on National Obesity Awareness Week

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It's National Obesity Awareness Week and we urge you to get active for a healthier future!

The Scottish Government are creating plans to tackle our nation’s obesity problem and create a healthier future for Scots. They are seeking views on their ambitions on diet, activity and healthy weight strategy which includes increasing opportunities for people to be more active.

At Paths for All, we welcome the fact that physical activity is acknowledged as playing an important role in addressing obesity. As well as preventing obesity, physical activity brings a range of other health and well-being benefits and is a great opportunity for preventative spending.

What does a healthier future look like?

We believe that a healthier future is one where everyone has the opportunity to lead a physically active lifestyle. It’s one where everyone has access to welcoming, safe and fit for purpose environments that encourage physically active lifestyles.

Walking is a winner

Walking is the easiest way to get more active is to incorporate activity into your everyday life. It’s the most accessible form of physical activity and represents extremely good value for money. Almost everyone can do it – no matter their age, income, gender or ability.

Our work aims to significantly increase the number of people who choose to walk in Scotland - whether that's leisure walking or active - choice walking to work, school or shops.

Our expanding Walking for Health network, workplace walking programmes, active travel initiatives and partnership working will continue to complement efforts to reduce obesity in Scotland.

Healthy weight

As well as increasing opportunities for people to be more active, the government have announced key commitments to limit the marketing of food high in fat, sugar and salt, provide more support for people with type 2 diabetes to lose weight, and provide practical support for small & medium sized food manufacturers to develop healthier products.

Respond to the consultation

The Scottish Government want to hear the views of a wide range of stakeholders on their proposals, the priorities, implementation, and - looking ahead - what more should be done. View the consultation document here.

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