Pavement parking ban comes into force to protect walking and wheeling environments

A major milestone for walking and wheeling accessibility

Pavement Parking is unsafe, unfair and illegal

We welcome the ban on pavement parking in Scotland this week as we look towards improved accessibility for everyone to safely walk and wheel in their communities.

On the ban, our CEO Kevin Lafferty said: “As Scotland’s walking charity, Paths for All welcomes the pavement parking ban coming into effect on 11 December 2023 as part of The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019. No longer will vehicles obstructing pavements and dropped kerbs be a barrier for people trying to safely navigate through their neighbourhoods.

I hear from countless community members across the country who feel restricted by pavement parking in their daily lives. Parents unable to push prams, wheelchair users forced into roads, and people with sight loss unable to access paths. However, this ban tangibly breaks down accessibility issues and clears the way, quite literally, for more Scots to walk and wheel safely every day.

Our recent national survey on public attitudes towards walking found that roadside pavements are the most frequently walked urban location (61%) within Scotland, with 46% of the population citing cars parked on pavements as an issue they encounter when walking or wheeling locally.

Kevin added: “Our charity’s goal focuses on getting the people of Scotland moving, regardless of age or ability. We believe movement and activity should be open to everyone and this decision will help make that vision a reality, marking a significant leap forward in the right direction.

“There’s still more work to do, but today we’re celebrating a major milestone in making communities around Scotland more accessible for all.”

To find out more, visit Road Safety Scotland.