Health Walks

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Health Walks are short, safe and social!

We have trained and supported over 10,000 Volunteer Walk Leaders to lead Health Walks in our communities. The walks are fun, accessible and low level, creating a supportive environment for you to start to enjoy the many benefits of being physically active.  We support a network of community Health Walk projects all over Scotland that organise free group walks every week, and are always looking for new walkers.

A health walk:

  • is led by a trained volunteer (and the route has been risk assessed)
  • is less than an hour long
  • has a short warm up at the start, followed by a brisk walk and then a short cool down at the end
  • welcomes new walkers who would benefit from being more active
  • is a friendly group walk offered regularly
  • is an opportunity to meet new people in your area

Health walks are targeted at inactive people who would benefit most from doing more physical activity.  Health walkers can enjoy a whole range of benefits including increased strength, improved mood and increased social interactions with local people and the local area. Walking requires no special equipment or expense and is the ideal way for most people to become more active.

Use our map to find your nearest Health Walk

Our online map shows details of over 500 Health Walks that take place across Scotland each week. Use the map to find one near you.

Visit our dementia friendly and cancer friendly walks pages to find out how we support people living with dementia and cancer to get more active in a safe and welcoming environment.

Visit Support section to find out more about how Paths for All can help to encourage walking for health.

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