Buggy Walks

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Buggy walks are a great way for parents to get active while caring for their baby. These mums share what they enjoy about group walking.

Many people can benefit from group buggy walks.


•    Advice from other parents and health visitors
•    Parent and baby bonding time
•    Making new friends   
•    Improving and increasing physical fitness
•    Weekly activity to look forward to
•    Learning where to walk with a buggybuggy quotes


•    Fresh air and sleep
•    Stimulated by nature
•    More sociable
•    Relaxed mum creates a relaxed baby


•    Meeting new people
•    Learning walks around town
•    Walking with the whole family  
•    Family members improving their fitnessbuggy fresh air quotes

Health visitors

•    Relaxed way to meet mums
•    Several parents can be seen in one hour
•    Parents are more open
•    Parents can support each other
•    Support for isolated parents or those with depression  
•    Less doctor appointments

Find out about setting up buggy walks here.


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