Big Fit Walk

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What is the Big Fit Walk?

The Big Fit Walk is now in its 14th year. Its aim is simple. We want to inspire communities across Scotland to come together for a walk to celebrate the benefits of being active. It's about having fun and staying healthy, anyone can host or attend a Big Fit Walk!

Throughout June, hundreds of Big Fit Walks took place from Lerwick to Melrose in communities, schools and workplaces.

Why should you organise a Big Fit Walk?

Being active through walking has many positive benefits. It's good for physical health, mental wellbeing and helps create social links. Walking is an activity that most people can do and counts towards our recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

The Big Fit Walk is a fun and social way to show people the joy of a short walk. Whether you are looking to showcase an area in your community, get your workplace or school more active, or recruit new walkers to your Health Walk, the Big Fit Walk is a simple and easy way to put short local walks on the map in Scotland.

Lets get planning!

Although most walks take place in June, you can plan a Big Fit Walk at any time. Take a look at our resources page and download the toolkit, posters and invites to help you plan your Big Fit Walk.

Thanks for your interest in our Big Fit Walk campaign - let's get Scotland walking!

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