Pledge to Walk Once a Day this Winter

We're supporting people across Scotland to boost their health and wellbeing by walking every day this winter.

Our new campaign - Walk Once a Day this Winter - is inviting everyone to pledge to daily walking during the colder months to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

We've created an online content hub full of motivational ideas and advice to support all ages to be more active this December and January.

The campaign is been backed by Scotland's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Gregor Smith, and respected GP Dr William Bird who believes in the immunity-boosting powers of walking.

The Chief Medical Officer said

Regular walking is a powerful tonic. It helps to boost our immune system and those of us able to should strive to get the benefit this winter.

A 30-minute daily walk is one of the best ways to look after yourself and it’s something we can do from our own front door. 
During periods of physical distancing, isolation and uncertainty, many have expressed increased feelings of anxiety, stress or worry. Daily outdoor exercise, while adhering to guidelines, is an important way to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

We would encourage those who are able to get outdoors this winter to do so, even if it is for a short walk to the shop or to school.

Research shows that half a million older people regularly experience periods of isolation, going at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone. 

Getting out for a daily walk allows interaction with neighbours, others in the community and can create a sense of connection and community belonging, even while social distancing.

Walking is also an easy way to keep physical active which helps the body fight infection and viruses.

Dr William Bird, founder of Intelligent Health and the Beat the Street game said: “Walk Once a Day this Winter is such a simple but effective message.

“When I talk to patients, most of them ask for advice on how to avoid getting Covid-19 or how they can improve their chances of fighting it if they do catch it.

“Walking is always one of the best things that people can do for their health, however during these times of Covid-19, it’s more vital than ever. When you go for a brisk walk, this stimulates the creation of ‘natural killer cells’ which are part of the immune system. They sit at the nasal cavity and are ready to mop up any virus including Covid-19 and kill it before it has a chance to replicate and get into the cells.

“Not only that, but walking in green space and nature has a positive impact on the brain also reduces stress and its negative impact on the immune system.”

UK-wide research by King’s College London during lockdown revealed 49% of people in the UK have felt more anxious or depressed than normal, with walking shown to be an effective method to prevent and manage mental health conditions.

We believe regular walking is key to leading a happy and healthy life – and it is important for people to continue enjoying short, local walks where it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Our hub provides ideas, activities and information designed to motivate everyone to get moving outdoors including podcast recommendations, location advice, community and festive walks and creative walking.

Ian Findlay CBE, our Chief Officer said: “Walking has never held such importance to our physical, social and mental health.

“Surveys have shown that Scots have increased their walking during this unprecedented time more than any other part of the UK and we would encourage everyone to keep it up as we move into the winter months.

“We believe by encouraging people to walk everyday they will experience many positive physical, social and mental health benefits and in turn we will move forward from this pandemic as a healthier, greener, safer and happier nation."

Explore our hub packed with tips and resources to help you walk more.

Share your winter walking stories with us on social media using #WalkOnceADay.


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