Strength and Balance

Regular walking plus strength and balance exercises provide the key to an active, happy and healthy older age.

Participants doing strength and balance exercises during a Health Walk

Our Strength and Balance programme combines simple exercises with advice on walking to help adults stay active and independent.

Awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity is increasing, however there is less knowledge and understanding about the importance of activities that improve muscle strength and balance throughout our adult lives.

Helping adults to stay active and reduce the risk of falls

That’s why many of our Health Walks promote strength and balance exercises that can be done as a group on a walk or at home using our take-home leaflet. 

This helps walkers to stay active and to meet the UK Chief Medical Officer's Physical Activity Guidelines which recommend that adults should:

  • aim to be active daily
  • reduce and break up sitting time
  • incorporate activity to improve muscle strength twice each week.
  • Adults over 65 should take part in activity that improves balance and coordination twice each week

Our Walk Your Way to Strength and Balance Programme

Our programme was developed with expert input from Professor Dawn Skelton of Glasgow Caledonian University. It consists of 14 simple exercises that will improve strength and balance and reduce the risk of falls in adults. 

Our resources include:
  • A take home leaflet for adults outlining 10 exercises and handy tips to be more active everyday 
  • A set of laminated cue cards for easy demonstration of the 14 exercises in a group setting. The cards include handy tips to promote an active lifestyle. Four exercises are for frailer older adults
  • Training for staff working with older adults in health and care settings to learn how to encourage physical activity, reduce sedentary behaviour and build strength and balance exercises into daily care 
  • Training for volunteer Health Walk leaders on why regular walking plus strength and balance exercises provide the key to active older age and how to promote strength and balance activity with walkers. 
  • Signage for health and care settings to promote supported and self-led strength and balance activity​.

You can download a printable version of the 10 strength and balance exercises here or follow along with the exercises on YouTube.

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