Walking with Nature: Micro volunteering

The idea behind micro-volunteering is that by more people taking small actions, collectively they can make a significant difference.

Walking with Nature: Micro volunteer by picking up litter

There is an estimated 84,000km of paths in Scotland compared with the road network that is only 55,000km. To put that into perspective 84,000km is the equivalent to walking around the coast of the UK mainland four and a half times. 

Trying to maintain this network of paths is extremely time-consuming with a significant amount done by a growing network of volunteer groups.

We know that there are many people out there who would love to be more involved in path volunteering, but they are unable to due to other commitments.

This is where the concept of micro volunteering has a role to play. Micro volunteering tasks ideally should be done within a few minutes. 

We have identified a few micro volunteering tasks that are quick to carry out and need a minimal amount of equipment.

  • Prune back any small branches that are encroaching onto the path. Stack the cut material neatly somewhere away from the path, and out of sight if possible.

  • Clean signs or panels so people can read them easily. Interpretation panels and signs become grubby and hard to read. A quick wipe with a damp soapy cloth or multipurpose biodegradable wipe can make them look like new.

  • If you come across some litter that you feel you can safely dispose of why not put it in the closest bin or recycle it.

  • You can help nature by taking part in a citizen science survey.

Our Community Paths Development Officer, Richard Armstrong has written a blog about what micro volunteering tasks he does to care for his local paths. Read it here