Footsteps to reduce your footprint

Here are some steps you can take to tackle climate change.

The Future's On Foot

Climate change is worrying. We’ve seen extreme global weather events having a devastating impact. International and government commitments are vital. However, it can leave us wondering how we can do our bit to make a difference.

So how can we ‘do our bit’?

One way is to change our travel habits. Cars are responsible for 39% of transport emissions in Scotland. The benefits of using your car less are global, local and personal! Less cars on the road saves carbon, reduces congestion and pollution, giving cleaner air for you to breathe too. Travelling actively is also good for our bodies and mental health.

Walk or wheel for short journeys. If you can leave the car at home, then do!

Instead of driving, walk or wheel to work, school, to go shopping or meet friends. Sometimes it’s not as far as you think! And it is free.

Take the bus or train for longer journeys

More people using public transport, instead of their cars is good for carbon emissions. Did you know, one double decker bus is the equivalent of removing 75 single occupancy cars from Scotland’s roads? A walk to and from the bus stop adds some activity to your day too!

Do you really need to travel?

The move to working at home has helped us to see that not all journeys are necessary. Could you video call for some meetings or appointments rather than travel by car?

On your bike

Choosing to cycle can keep you healthy, get you where you need to go faster and help to keep Scotland cleaner and greener. Cycling Scotland and Sustrans Scotland can help you get your wheels in motion. 

Appreciate nature and share the joy of your daily walk

Research shows that those who connect with nature, are more likely to want to protect it. Share the love of walking with the next generation, check out our information for families about caring for wildlife, tackling climate change and having fun outdoors in nature.

The Future's on Foot

You can find out more about climate change and walking as a way to protect our planet for future generations on our Future's on Foot page and on the Net Zero nation website.