Dementia friendly environments

Outdoor spaces can have positive effects on people living with dementia. We're working with partners to find out how to make more environments dementia friendly

Dementia friendly Kings Park

We want to ensure that everyone living with dementia can enjoy the benefits of walking, being outdoors and connecting with nature.

That’s why have been looking at how our paths and walking environments can be more welcoming to people living with dementia.

For this to happen we have been working to raise awareness of the challenges and issues faced by people with dementia in accessing outdoor spaces and develop training, resources and support for organisations and groups involved in planning, designing and maintaining paths and outdoor environments.

We have produced a Dementia and the Outdoors Guidance Note to share advice on considerations to make when creating outdoor spaces.  

Dementia Friendly Kings Park, Stirling

In June 2018, we launched Scotland’s first dementia friendly park in Kings Park, Stirling.

People with dementia, local community groups and organisations were asked about topics including wayfinding, park facilities, atmosphere, safety and pre-visit information to help identify areas for improvement.

With the help of a working group, the following changes to the park were prioritised and implemented:

  • Signage for the public toilets
  • Installation of a handrail on a steep section of path
  • Two benches to provide rest points
  • Leaflet and map to help plan visits and wayfinding
  • Volunteer day to tidy up the park’s Peace of Mind garden

A set of recommendations has been made for future development work in the park.

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The Dementia Friendly Walking Project is supported by The Life Changes Trust, The National Lottery Community Fund, William Grant Foundation, The Robertson Trust, Spirit of 2012, and the Scottish Government.