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Active Travel: A Vision for the Future

Active travel is that rare phenomenon that can deliver multiple cross-cutting benefits that will help to achieve numerous targets and outcomes in single outcome agreements, in Scottish Government policies; and in workplace staff and environmental policies.

Active travel is not just about walking and cycling as modes of transport for everyday short journeys:

  • it is about getting more people more active more often - and in so doing helping to improve physical and mental health and helping to tackle the obesity epidemic  facing Scotland today;
  • it’s about reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality;
  • it’s about reducing our energy use;
  • it’s about vibrant, robust local economies;
  • it’s about resilient communities where people feel connected to each other.

Our vision is for walking and cycling to be the natural choice for short journeys, creating a healthier, socially inclusive, economically vibrant, environmentally friendly Scotland. The icon Active Travel Active Scotland Report (1.63 MB) details an action plan for working towards this vision.

In a nutshell – Active Travel is about improving quality of life and quality of place. And with over 50% of all driven journeys in Scotland being less than 5km, and 26% less than 2km, there is plenty of scope for achieving a significant shift to walking and cycling as the most sustainable forms of transport.

Promoting Active Travel

Promoting active travel is not just the responsibility of local authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships. Community and voluntary groups, employers, non-governmental organisations and charities can all make an important and valuable contribution to increasing levels of everyday walking and cycling in Scotland. Have a look at the Active Travel Case Studies to find out how a diverse range of groups and organisations have encouraged active travel.

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