Active Travel Hubs

Our Smarter Choices, Smarter Places fund supports Active Travel Hubs in local communities across Scotland.

Stirling Active Travel Hub Event

Active Travel Hubs provide information, engagement opportunities and facilities with the aim to encourage local communities and visitors to travel more actively. They have proven to be a successful model to engage with local communities, workplaces and further education establishments. The hubs are managed and funded by a range of partners, with some attracting funding from our Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme.

Many Active Travel Hubs offer led Health Walks, which increase people's confidence to walk for everyday short journeys. 

On this page you'll also find information about the Cycling UK Bothies, supported by funding from our Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme. These bothies are welcoming central points for information and advice for those who choose walking and cycling. Each bothy offers a range of active travel activities including loan schemes, led bike rides, knowledge and support for new riders, confidence building sessions and Health Walks.



Active Travel Hubs

Angus Cycle Hub

Angus Cycle Hub. based in Arbroath, encourages people to lead healthier lives and reduce short car journeys and CO2 emissions through cycling and recycling. They service and repair bikes, as well as refurbishing and selling bikes. They also give active travel route advice and information. 

Ayr Active Travel Hub

Ayr Active Travel Hub are there to help people walk and cycle more in South Ayrshire. They want to get more people active in their daily lives for their health and the environment. Their work engages the community and gives practical support such as increasing safety and confidence with led Health Walks, the Ayrshire Womens Cycle Festival, promotion of Cycling Without Age and releasing regular podcasts.

Dundee Active Travel Hub

The Dundee Active Travel Hub. launched in the summer of 2021, is located on Sustrans Route 77 in a new building beside the V&A museum on Dundee's waterfront. The Hub provides information, bicycle and ebike hire, cycling lessons, tours, servicing and bike maintenance courses, and much more. The Hub also provides a sit-in and takeaway coffee for locals and visitors to Dundee.

Falkirk Active Travel Hub

Located on Falkirk's High Street, Falkirk Active Travel Hub encourages and supports people to walk and cycle for every day journeys, such as commuting, going to the shops and going to school. Their services include led walks and rides, electric bike demos and basic cycle maintenance courses.

Inverclyde Active Travel Hub

Community Tracks is the local Active Travel Hub. The project offers a wide range of advice and support, including active travel maps, cycle maintenance classes, fix your own bike workshops, cycle training and riding confidence sessions and led bike rides.  

Kilmarnock Active Travel Hub

The Kilmarnock Active Travel Hub's aim is to improve the promotion of active travel and the support available in their local community to encourage people to choose to travel actively for short local journeys. They offer a range of services including Health Walks and family cycle skills sessions to help people feel confident and able to make active travel choices. 

Stirling Active Travel Hub

Stirling Active Travel Hub has a permanent presence in Stirling Train Station where they love nothing more than speaking to people about cycling and walking. They have stunning wall maps available to help with route planning and the facility to print off routes to take away.  

Stow Cycle Hub CIC

The Stow Cycle Hub CIC, based at the Station House, encourages and promote active travel options in the local community. Stow Community Trust (CIC) are managing a newly establish e-bike project, local walks and activities centred around raising awareness of climate change, community development the benefits of physical activity on health and wellbeing.

Cycling UK Bothies

Aberdeenshire Bothy

As part of the Integrated Travel Towns (ITT) initiative, Aberdeenshire Bothy focusses on encouraging and promoting active and sustainable travel solutions across the local communities of Ellon, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Inverurie and Portlethen. The bothy works with local organisations to raise awareness and amplify access to information, resouces and volunteering opportunities.

Ardrishaig Bothy

In partnership with Scottish Canals and supported by our SCSP programme, the Ardrishaig Bothy promotes a range of active travel activities for local communities across Mid-Argyll. The bothy offers volunteering opportunities, Health Walks and cycling along local routes to connect local communities with the health benefits being active and outdoors brings.

Dunoon Bothy

The Dunoon Bothy was launched in 2020 with support from our SCSP programme, Argyll and Bute Council and the Dunoon Area Alliance. The bothy brings together local community groups with a central aim to raise awareness of and encourage active and sustainable travel across local communities. To build confidence around active travel, Dunoon Bothy offers led rides, cycle confidence sessions, bike loan scheme and local Health Walks

Golspie Bothy

Golspie Bothy supports local communities in Golspie and Brora to choose active and sustainable travel for local journeys. The bothy offers a range of activities including 1:1 sessions, led bike rides, a loan scheme, Health Walks (here and here) and skills and confidence-building sessions.

Inverclyde Bothy

The Inverclyde Bothy, established in 2018, aims to raise awarness of and walking and cycling, local routes, and to build confidence and knowledge in local people who choose to travel actively. The Bothy also offer Health Walks, advice and support with route planning, cycle confidence sessions, led rides, family cycling sessions and e-bike loans.


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