Pollok Park Health Walk numbers grow from two to 67

When volunteer Walk Leader Freda Hutchison started the Pollok Park Health Walk eight years ago, she had two walkers.

Walkers from the Pollok Park group

Fast forward to 2019, and the walk now has achieved a record attendance of 67.
The walk has gone from strength to strength, exceeding all expectations - with an average of 50-65 walkers attending each week.

The walk is led by nine committed volunteers who are there week in and week out, with only two weeks off during the festive period.

The team all work well together and consist of Freda, Ella Graham, Elizabeth Staunton, Margaret Lafferty, Linda Milroy, Chris Fowler, Isabel Freer, Helen Moir and Jill Bell who give everyone a warm welcome and are the heart and soul of the walk.

Each week, walkers are greeted by these wonderful volunteers, who offer everyone the opportunity to self-select from the offer of walks: the brisk walk or the moderate walk, making their choice according to their preference and fitness that day.

At the end of the walk the walkers and leaders all congregate at the local church meet up point again for coffee and sometimes a cake in the volunteer-run cafe.

Freda said: "We are so looking forward to continuing our Health Walks for many more years.”