Walk at Work Award

Celebrating employers in Scotland who are promoting everyday walking in their workplace.

Want a healthier, greener and more active workplace?

The Walk at Work Award is an accreditation scheme for Scottish employers, recognising organisations that support staff to be active in and around the working day.

A healthier workforce

An active workforce has been shown to have lots of benefits for employees and the workplace. Staff who are active during their working day are more productive, take fewer sick days, and are more focused. Walking also has benefits for mental wellbeing and reducing stress.

A greener workforce

Staff who choose to walk more for everyday journeys are also helping to reduce congestion, emissions and improve air quality. Over 50% of all car journeys in Scotland being less than 5km, and 26% less than 2km.

Our Walk at Work Award helps workplaces with the know-how to foster a walking culture that encourages and supports physical activity at work. To help you achieve the award, we provide guidance on planning your project, developing activities, improving facilities and signposting to resources.

An active workforce

From helping staff plan safe and easy walking routes to work or to and from local public transport, to walking challenges and incentive schemes – our Walk at Work Award has been proudly presented to over 40 organisations already.

Get started today

Our Walk at Work Award can be achieved by any size of organisation across any sector or location in Scotland with a desire to help staff lead a healthier lifestyle. The process is simple:

  1. Download the award guidance booklet.
  2. To register your interest complete our online form - you'll hear back from us with more information.
  3. Carry out at least 5 actions across 3 categories: culture, community and facilities.
  4. Submit an evidence portfolio telling us about your work and the difference it has made.
  5. Receive your Walk at Work Award and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier and more active workforce