Top walking tips for young people

Calling all young people! Here are 5 super easy ways to fit walking into your day

Young people at a Big Fit Walk

Ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to go for a walk?

We've put together our top tips on how to fit walking into everyday routines for young people. Follow these and you’ll be feeling fitter, less stressed and more energised in no time!

1. Don’t be a diva

Got Uber on speed dial? Constantly asking your mum or dad for a lift? Whether it’s your pals house, college or work, if you can get there in less than 20 minutes then scrap the lift and walk instead.



2. Ditch the escalator

The lift at college or the escalator in the shopping centre might be the tempting choice. But if you teach yourself to *always take the stairs* you will be toning, shaping, and climbing a munro before you know it (that’s about 6000 steps or 400 flights of stairs if you were wondering).



3. Make a playlist

Spotify has always got your back. They’ve already got loads of walking themed playlists to suit your rhythm. But why not make your own and plod along to some folk or wander to the perfect electronic playlist.



4. Find some nature

Living in Scotland, we’re so lucky to have a huge amount of beautiful natural landscape right on our doorstep. In every town, city and village across the country you’ll find that you’re never too far from some epic greenspace. Whether it’s the local park, a forest or a peaceful path along the river, use what you’ve got nearest to you to get some extra steps whilst you connect with nature.



5. Think about the ££££

It’s up there with one of the best things about walking. IT’S FREE! So next time you’re filling your car up with petrol, calling a taxi or getting the bus; consider walking for that journey instead and think about the extra pennies you could save.



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