Walking with Nature: Litter

There's lots of things that you can do as a walker and path user to help combat the growing problem of litter on paths.

Walking with Nature: Litter

We support a growing network of volunteer path groups throughout Scotland. When a path group gets in touch with us asking how to fix a problem on a path or needs advice on building a new path, we are always able to help and provide advice.

Some groups have problems with littering on their path networks and when they ask us for advice on what seems like a simple problem, we struggle to provide good advice.

Many groups as well as carrying out regular path maintenance also work very hard clearing litter, but they get frustrated when more litter returns.

Litter is waste in the wrong place. It ends up in the wrong place sometimes by accident, blown out of bins for example. But unfortunately, a lot of it ends up in the wrong place simply by people not putting it in bins and just dropping it wherever they like.  

We know that having a good walking environment is important in helping people be more active. If a greenspace area or path is well kept and free of litter, then more people will use it. 

We also know that in areas that are well maintained with no litter, users are more likely to be responsible and use bins and not drop litter.

You may have seen Local Authority staff removing litter from streets and from popular parks. Unfortunately, in a lot of the places where we walk there is no one available to remove litter for us.

During this week in our Walking with Nature campaign, we would like to make you aware of things that you can do as walkers and path users to help combat this problem.

Our Walking for Health Development Officer, Valerie Carson shares how litter picking in Denny during lockdown has helped her meet new friends and led to the creation of a clean-up group supported by Falkirk Council to help deliver their litter strategy. Read her blog here.