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As with the mounting blocks by the Glentrool bridge, the aim here is to offer people a choice. Confident riders can ride their horses over the bridge, but anyone who feels more comfortable walking their horse across can use the block to re-mount safely.

These mounting blocks were cut from a tree trunk for a design that blends in well with the woodland. Anything that provides a reasonably substantial, anti-slip surface at the right height can serve as a mounting block: stone, or even moulded recycled plastic could all be used. It is important to make sure the block is firmly anchored in the ground, so any accidental kick from the horse will not dislodge it! The top surfaces have cross cuts, made with a chainsaw, to provide some extra tread grip.

tree trunk horse mounting blocks oatridge college

Detailed drawing - Mounting block

You will find a detailed drawing and specification details for a mounting block here.

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