North Tweeddale Paths Group

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Location of your path(s)?
West Linton, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

What inspired your group to develop this project idea?
Our village has had its own website for a number of years, and I had become involved in creating a local walks page on it.  Sometime later, I became chair of North Tweeddale Paths and saw an opportunity to develop the website idea further so that details of walks in the West Linton area were available to users via printable route instructions and maps.

Who uses your path?
The primary users are local people in the area around West Linton, but the appeal of the walks featured on our website is that they are all very easily accessible by people from all over the Borders and, in particular, by people travelling the relatively short distance out from Edinburgh, both residents and visitors alike.

What is unique about this project?
I don’t know of any other websites that feature such a range of walks in a specific area and maintained by the same people who have responsibility for looking after the rights of way in the area.  The use of mapping on the site and its mobile/smartphone friendly nature also seems is pretty innovative and ahead of the curve.

What challenges were you faced with during this project? 
Developing the mapping- we had to develop the maps largely from a blank sheet of paper.  Deciding what should and shouldn’t be included in a map to make it as helpful to the user as possible was no easy task.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in this type of project? 
F Find a web designer who is as enthusiastic about the project as you are and shares your objectives - that makes it a great deal easier to bring the whole thing to life.

What was the best part of being involved in a project like this? 
Seeing the finished product ready for people to start using and getting great feedback from them.

Describe your project in three words.
Fantastic local resource.

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