West Fife Woodlands

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Location of your path?
Between West Blairhall Bing and Balgownie Woods.

What inspired your group to develop this project idea?
We wanted to connect all the woodlands in the area together and we realised the potential it could have for people wanting to enjoy the great outdoors in their own local community.

Who uses your path?
A cross-section of the public including walkers, cyclists, birdwatchers and horse riders. There are new people visiting the path every day!

What is unique about this project?
It was the first time that all the woodlands in the area could be visited via one big network. People can now access green space which was previously inaccessible.

What challenges were you faced with during this project?
We had difficulty getting the material to the construction site due to the location. The only way to access the site was via two bridges which had weight restrictions. We also had several knockbacks in regards to funders and had lengthy negotiations with council and forestry commission.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in this type of project?
Even when experiencing knock backs- persevere and keep going! It is worth it in the end.

What was the best part of being involved in a project like this?
The building work was highly rewarding and we enjoyed several good days during the construction of the path. People have since thanked us for the path and said it is now their favourite path to walk on.

Describe your project in three words.
Hard but rewarding.

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