Brough Bay Association

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Location of your path?brough bay image

Brough Harbour, Caithness.

What inspired your group to develop this project idea?
We make improvements to a path which allowed more access to the foreshore and beach at our community harbour; which was previously difficult to access.

Who uses your path?
People out for a walk, Dog Walkers and people calling at the harbour on their way to Dunnet Head- the northernmost point on the British mainland. We expect that it will be used by lots visitors from around the world this summer.

What is unique about this project?
All ages were involved - the project attracted volunteers in an age range from 3 to 73 and those attending the opening event spanned an age range of 3 to 89.

What challenges were you faced with during this project?
Our main challenge was to make a structure which would not be damaged by high seas in storms.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in this type of project?
Plan the project carefully. Spend effort in attracting and encouraging volunteers. Do not underestimate the volunteer resource needed. Unforeseen problems may arise but they can be overcome by motivated volunteers.

What was the best part of being involved in a project like this?
Creating something that will be used by many people for years to come. Creating a team of volunteers; including people who had not done work at the harbour before.

Describe your project in three words
Motivating, camaraderie, achievement.

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