Benefits of AAP

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From the few examples of APP available it was not possible to produce much quantitative research. However, several groups mentioned a number of points from APP type projects that have given real benefit to group members such as:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Learning new skills
  • Meeting new people
  • Working together (as a group, as part of the wider community, as part of a wider organisation, as part of local government/access authority)
  • Confidence/capacity building of transferable skills.

Benefits to Others

AAP schemes potentially can benefit a wide range of user groups particularly when combined with other initiatives such as Safe Routes to School and Active Travel Schemes. There is scope for a school Parent Council or office workforce to take on an AAP role to essentially help to look after their ‘own’ safe route to school or to help maintain their ‘own’ active travel route to work.

Another possible benefit of this approach is the potential to reach people who may not otherwise be exposed to the benefits of using paths over cars for short journeys.

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